How it Works

Let me save you hours of research by using my local expertise to plan an unforgettable experience for you to explore the Great American West.

This is not a travel agency. This is better. A travel agency makes money by booking you into hotels and resorts that will give them the best commission. Their style is to do what’s best for their bottom line, instead of what is best for your experience.

I’m different. As a Destination Concierge, I will build your dream vacation, customized to your interests and budget, for a low flat fee. Sometimes the best things to experience are free, and you deserve to have those experiences and learn our regional secrets. A travel agent is not going to find those free camping sites or special moments for you.

I do not make bookings or reservations for you. I will provide you with a detailed itinerary that includes researched pricing and hyperlinks for you to make your reservations. This gives you the flexibility and control to utilize as much or as little of the itinerary as you see fit, make last minute changes, or take advantage of lower rates you may be able to access.

I can also assist you with a vacation budget, packing lists, interesting local facts, points of interest, and special travel tips customized to your destination and time of year.

It starts by filling out a survey with your unique style, interests and travel preferences, so that I can start getting to know you. Then we schedule a 15-minute phone consultation (optional, but highly recommended!) so that I can really hone in on what type of traveler you are, and what experiences you want to have. After that, I will put together your trip, and we can certainly make tweaks as you see fit! To begin this process, click here to get started. For more information about pricing and options, click here.

Let me help with your plans:

  • Travel Itinerary

  • Vacation Budget

  • Transportation

  • Lodging

  • Recreation

  • Dining

  • Entertainment

  • Nightlife

  • Festivals

  • Shopping

  • Local Secrets!


I am Kristen Cummings, your Destination Concierge. I live in Northern Colorado, but have traveled extensively all over the American West. It started with solo adventures, then romantic getaways, which eventually led to huge, two-week road trips with my four kids. I have enjoyed the indulgence of luxury travel. I have enjoyed living out of a backpack deep in the backcountry all alone. I have enjoyed stretching my dollar to provide a quality vacation for my large family, and every type of trip in between. But one thing has always been consistent: I have a knack for getting off the beaten path.

I pride myself on having experiences that nobody else has had, or that people don’t even know are out there. I have done countless hours of research for each trip to ensure that what we were going to experience was going to be memorable and novel. Our vacations were always one-of-a-kind. Friends started asking me to plan their trips, too, which I was always happy to do. For me, planning the trip is always half the fun – that’s the dreamer in me! And now, I have the pleasure of planning your vacation with the same care, creativity and attention to detail that I would put toward my own dream trips.


Your American West Experience Deserves to be the Best.

With my local expertise, I’ll make sure your vacation is one you’ll never forget.

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